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Doctor William Welch Jr. started his journey in 1980 when he began studying Mizongquan, a Northern Shaolin style of Chinese Kungfu under his then and now Sifu Professor Jerry Alan Johnson.  At the time Professor Johnson had combined several systems of Chinese Martial Arts such as Baguazhang, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, as well as the Mizongquan into one workout routine in order to make his school one of the best fighting schools on the Monterey Peninsula.  After crossing arms with serveral rival Martial Arts schools and defeating them, resulting in them closing their doors, he continued and completed his studies in Mizongquan and attained the rank and title of Sifu -Master Instructor.

He continued in his martial studies by learning Baguazhang and Yang Family Taijiquan, and later completed those systems as well.  Because these are Internal Energetic systems, Sifu Welch had to study and learn to embody the energetic principles of harnessing the body's energetic capability of being able to move and manipulate his energy (Qi) as well as the energy in another person's body for martial application.  The magnitude of study was so great and indepth that it naturally rolled right into place when the training shifted from "how to break it", to learning "how to fix what you broke".

During the study of Traumatology related to injuries suffered in training martial arts, Professor Johnson began to teach him about energetics and how it is used in the healing process.  Also, the emotional components that go into sustaining the injuries and how to resolve the emotional conflicts that make up diseased states.  This lead to his studying and pursuing an education in Chinese Energetic Medicine.

He began many years of studying privately under Professor Johnson and then moved to classroom group study in order to practice the hands on portion of training.  In 2009 he began a seven year Doctorate course that was taught by Professor Johnson in a three year program and in 2012 received his Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his Doctorate in Medical Qigong.

During the course of his martial training and his medical training, Doctor Welch was also receiving instruction and following teaching on a Spiritual path.  Because at one time Martial, Medical, and Spiritual teachings were all taught as one system, it was a natural progression that all of the training should lead up to this now inevitable conclusion.  Because these systems were all Chinese and had their roots and foundations tied to Daoist training and teaching it became necessary to understand the connection and degree of connectivity that they had to one another, so he began studying Daoism, then Buddhism, and then re-addressing his spiritual roots in Christianity.

In 2008 Dr. Welch traveled to Long Hu Shan Temple in the Jiangxi Province in China and was ordained as a Priest in the Celestial Master Tian Shi sect of the Zhengyi Lineage.  He also received his ordination in Mao Shan-The Shang Qing (Highest Clarity) sect. He continued his Daoist studies and in 2011 he returned again to receive his second ordination as an Abbot.  After 42 years of practice and study, he resides and teaches Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Daoist Spiritual Studies and Medical Qigong in Salinas, California.

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