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The word "Christian" means "Christ Like" and Christianity is a form of religion that is founded on the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he was sent here to be an example to us on how to live a righteous and virtuous life, and through the sacrifice of his life we received redemption for our sins and transgressions and that through his teachings and his living example we might establish a more intimate relationship with God the father, reserving a place in his kingdom as we await his return to gather up the faithful.

The teaching of the Christian faith is centered around a certain code of conduct founded and based on a set of Laws dictated by God, those being the "Ten Commandments".  The Ten commandments are believed to have been personally dictated to mankind and passed on to him through the hand of God on tablets of stone and given to Moses to be presented to God's people.

Another cornerstone of belief in the Christian tradition is the "Golden Rule", which is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This same rule exists in all major religions. Christ, when asked which commandment is the greatest of all replied:

"You must love the Lord your God
with all your heart, and with all your soul
and with all your mind and with all your might;
this is the first commandment.

And the second is like to it,
You must
love your neighbor
as yourself.

There is no other commandment
greater than these".

-Mark 12:29-31

These are three of the most important governing principles outlining the behavior and mindset that a person pursuing a path as a Christian must embrace as well as becoming intimately involved in the other vast teachings found in the scriptures of "The Holy Bible" which is the spiritual workbook used in this tradition to aid in the transformation process.  As one continues to progress, eventually there is a need for them to openly make a declaration and dedication to this path and that is symbolized through the act of "Baptism".

Baptism is a Christian sacrament of admission and adoption, almost invariably performed with the use of water, to indoctrinate new members into the Christian Church.  Although baptism is the term used when performed on adults it is also known as "Christening", but this term is usually reserved to referencing the baptism of infants.

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