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The study materials used will be comprised of the many books that have been authored by my Sifu Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, a pioneer of Daoist, Buddhist, and Christian Mysticism teaching,Traditional Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Medical Qigong here in the United States. He has amassed volumes of information regarding Daoism and documented it comprehensively in a line of books that speak to each element of the training in the Daoist system.

These books include but are not limited to "Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar", "Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals and Star Stepping", "An Introduction Manual on Daoist Talismans and Magical Incantations", and "Daoist Magical Talismans".  

The course will also include information and training from several of his other books titled "The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine Volumes 1-3", "Daoist Internal Alchemy: Neigong & Weigong Training" as we deal with the energetic aspects of training and healing in Daoism. Also, as a complement to the training, I will be making references to, and sharing information and training from his autobiography titled "A Master's Journey".

All books may be purchased from Dr. Johnson's website at:
https://bookstore.qigongmedicine.com/collections/books and are also available through Amazon in Kindle format.

There will also be additional information and training that I have received and will be sharing from other spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, and Christian Mysticism, as well as my own personal experiences and revelations that I received from Divine inspiration and communication.  I will also share secret training from my personal notes that I have received in my journey towards the Dao (Divine).


All classes will be hosted online via Zoom on Wednesdays for Daoist Mysticism and Thursdays for Daoist Shamanism from 6pm-8pm Pacific Standard Time.

Classes will be closed to further enrollment upon completion of the first 2 months and will no longer be open for new enrollment sign-up. The class will then become a "Closed Door" teaching class only open to current members.

The classes will be recorded, edited as needed, and uploaded as soon as possible to ensure that the members have direct access to the information in order to quickly apply and embody the principles of the teaching and training to their daily lives.

All students are expected to study the information that has been presented, and to review the class video in order to clarify any questions they may have before introducing these questions to the teacher during the "Live" teaching session, in order to minimize redundancies in information that you may have overlooked but has already been relayed to the class.


All members of the Daoist Mysticism and Daoist Shamanism classes are expected to act in a manner and behavior that is respectful to themselves and others, and in line with the values and teachings that are being offered to them during this course.  

As such, all members are expected to honor and value the privacy of their membership and to not give out their access information to anyone who has not become a member and is unwilling to make the sacrifice for this information that the other members have made.

To do so is a dishonor to the members, a dishonor to themselves, and is contrary to the virtues and spiritual teachings we are trying to instill and embody on this road to change and transformation.

Sharing access with a spouse is permissable since the nature of marriage is unity and founded on the principle of "that which are two, are now one", they are to support each other and to lift each other up at all times and share things that are beneficial to the relationship and each other. This is dependent upon the spouse having an interest in learning and using this information for their personal growth.

But, because spiritual work is individual work, and each person has to answer for themselves to the Divine for their actions and their choices, only one certificate of completion will be given to the person who intially established the membership.  No other family members (children, brothers and sisters, ect.) are allowed to have access to the membership site without becoming a member.


Because this is a "practicioner and embodiment" school of training more than an "information only" type of training, it is necessary to meet through seminar formats that will allow us to test and verify that the physical structure portion of the training involving standing meditations, energetic training exercises, and the performing of the "Rituals and Star Stepping" training are being performed correctly. These seminars are usually held a minimum of once a year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we don't know how that is going to effect seminars and meetings in the future and the influence that it is going to have on the gathering of people in a social setting.  So information will be given to the students as it becomes available when the time comes to attend any scheduled seminar and we are cleared for such interactions by the local governing authorities.


All training is progressive and is based on the accumulation of additional training being added to the base foundation. You cannot build a building from the top to the bottom, it must be created from a firm foundation with structural integrity from the bottom up. This speaks to the naturalness of creation.

So, all training will be taught in this progressive and natural way to ensure that each student has the ability to attain their goals in this training by becoming the highest self that they can be.  

Each of the following components only indicates the direction of the training and how the information will unfold, it is connected to the training prior to it as a prelude to the current section.  

The Daoist training is extensive and will continue on to include all aspects of the system including Feng Shui, Weather Magic, Neigong Training, Dual Cultivation, Plant, Animal, and Mineral Training, Elixirs, Ming Shu Chart Training, Daoist Seals, and more.

Classes will be introduced to and follow this direction of progression:

1) Introduction to Training Daoist Magic - The History of Daoist Magic, Two Main Schools of Daoist Magic,

2) Magical Incantations - The History of Daoist Incantations, Magical Functions of Incantations, Incantations For Curse or Blessing, The Structure of a Spell or Incantation, Three Main Components of an Incantation, Four Types of Magical Incantations

3) Qi Cultivation Practices and Meditation - What it is and What Purpose it Serves, Establishing a workout routine

4) The Purification Process - Intercepting Karma, 3 Types of Karma, Speaking What's True, Necessary, and Kind, Identifying Negative Speech Patterns, Complaining, Condemning, and Criticizing

5) Words and Magic - Magical Names, Words, and Phrases, The Power of Words, Understanding the Influence of Language, Four Levels of Speech

6) Daoist Rank and Progression of Post - The Four Pillars of Daoist Magic, Magical Initiation, 3 Bodies, 3 Breaths and 3 Minds, Mind, Speech, and Body Secret

7) Training the Mind Secret - Yin and Yang Divisions of the Mind, The Prenatal and Postnatal Mind, The Four Secret Powers of the Mind, Four Ways To Avoid Losing Magical Power

8) Training the Speech Secret - The Three Levels of Breath, The Wind’s Effects on Matter, Consonants and Vowels

9) Establishing a Daoist Altar Room - Selecting The Altar Space, Purifying The Altar Space, Cleaning The Altar Space, Personal Altar Room

10) The Three Pure Ones - Daoist Immortals, List of Immortals

11) Prayer and Meditation - How to Pray, The Components of the Prayer, Dissolving and Fusing With The Divine, Establishing Your Truth

12) Presenting Offerings at the Altar - The Quality of the Offering, Specific Offerings, Cautions When Giving Offerings

13) Opening the Altar to the Spirit World - Opening The Altar, Bowing, Caring for the Sacred Altar Space, Purifying the Altar Space Ritual, Secret Talisman for Purifying the Altar, Temporary Altars

14) Daoist Magic Rituals - History of Chinese Rituals, Four Main Categories of Rituals, Rituals and Fasting, Opening the Magical Ritual, Ending the Magic Ritual, Using Tools When Performing the Ritual

15) Work of a Daoist Priest - The Qualifications of a Priest, The Priests Job Duties, Ceremonial Clothing, The Daoist Priest’s Robe,

16) Daoist Magic Altar Tools - Imprinting Daoist Magic Tools, Creating Daoist Magic Tools, Activating Daoist Magic Tools, Creating, Feeling, Imprinting, and Activating the Magic Tool

17) Daoist Magical Hand Seal Training - The History of Hand Seals, Daoist Hand Seals, Types of Hand Seals, Specific Functions of the Hand Seals, Combining Hand Seals and Incantations

18) The Long Hu Shan Daoist - History of Daoist Religion and Magic, Three Mountains Drop of Blood Alliance, The Celestial Master Daoist Sect

19) Daoist Magical Talismans - Types of Magic Talismans, The Origin of Magical Talismans, He Tu (Chart of the Yellow River), Lou Shu (Luo River Chart), Qualifications of a Talisman Master, Constructing A Magic Talisman

20) Nine Rules For Making A Talisman - Magic Talismans Rituals, Purify Body, Spit Water, Invoke and Summon, Purification Incantation, Heaven and Earth, Brush and Ink Stone, Breath Incantation, Draw the Talisman, Sealing the Talisman

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