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Welcome to the website of the Temple of the Celestial Fire, (Tian Huo Gong), located in Salinas California. We are devoted to introducing to the public the highest quality of study in the Ancient Chinese Tradition of Daoist Martial Arts, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Studies.
We are a private study school of learning, teaching from a diverse philosophical perspective gathered from three different spiritual traditions to achieve a higher level of spiritual understanding.

"Christianity, Daoism, Buddhism"

Through studying these spiritual traditions along with the esoteric disciplines (Martial Arts, Medical Qigong, and Daoist Alchemy), we believe that each student and disciple will obtain personal mastery over their body, mind, and spirit. An ancient Daoist Master once stated “San Jiao Gui Yi” - “The three teachings make a whole person”.
We believe that to embark on this path, eventually leads the seeker to more spiritually evolved levels of growth and development. Gradually, each person experiences their own personal relationship with the "Divine" (Dao) and begins to live their life as a “Zhen Ren” (“True Man”) of Divine Light.
This is a lifelong journey, and as each person discovers their true joy, awareness, love and compassion, they will begin to share it with everyone with whom he or she encounters. An ancient Daoist teaching states “Tian Ren He Yi”, (“All Heavenly People are in Harmony as One”).  
The goal in traveling a spriritual path is not in completing a specific task or arriving at a specific destination, but in realizing that the true lessons lie in the choices you make along the journey.  We try to live in the now and not be encumbered by what could have been or obsess over what could be.

"If you are
you are living in the
If you are
you are living in the
If you are at
you are living in the

-Lao Tzu




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