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Intercepting Karma

Spiritual Studies > Restoring Spiritual Balance

Intercepting Karma

Intercepting karma is the process of taking responsibility for the actions of your past and being accountable and willing to correct those actions in order to bring harmony into your present state of existence. This can only happen by acknowledging the ripples that you set into motion through your words and actions, which begin to multiply and continue to multiply exponentially with each person who is exposed to the residual vibration that occurs from the intial encounter.  

As we each experience conflict in our lives, the emotional imprinting that is created from the traumatic confrontation we either carry with us and continually feed it through the re-telling of the story or we choose to discard it by not engaging in re-living moments of the past and choosing to move forward. When embarking on a Spiritual path the objective is to lift others up and encourage them, not to cause them to stumble because of some words or actions that we inflict upon them because of our inability to separate from the wounding of our past which causes us to react in patterns that we have not yet healed from.

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