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Medical Qigong

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Chinese Energetic Medicine
Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy has been around for thousands of years and in that amount of time has continued to evolve in its medical applications in order to provide an extremely effective medical modality in the treatment of all forms of sickness and diseased states that are common to mankind. The study of the human anatomy and physiology from an energetic viewpoint and the awareness of the body's emotional and spiritual state and its effect on the cause and treatment of the diseased condition, is unparallelled in any other form of medical modality.

Medical Qigong Therapy consists of simultaneously treating and eventually harmonizing the patient’s Three Bodies (i.e., the physical body, energy body, and spirit body). The Medical Qigong Doctor will also address any disharmonies that have manifested within the patient’s internal life-force energies; especially those disharmonies occurring within the patient’s Nurturing Qi, Sea of Blood, Sea of Marrow, or any internal blockages located along the center core Taiji Pole. By restoring the imbalance to these energetic centers the body is allowed to normalize as the organs and organ systems resume their primary functions within the body.

Medical Qigong Therapy focuses on relieving pain, detoxifying the body of toxic emotions (e.g., excessive anger, fear, worry, etc.), correcting internal organ dysfunctions, and balancing excess or deficient Qi and Blood conditions. Many of the patients in the clinic suffer from some type of disease that is alleviated from the treatments, due to one or more of these conditions being a contributing factor to the disease. Some of the most common diseases seen in the clinic are: stroke, high blood pressure, migraines headaches, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, breast and ovarian cysts and tumors and different types of cancer ranging from skin cancer to pancreatic cancer.

Ancient Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, was originally divided into three levels of treatment, corresponding to the Qi of Heaven, Earth, and Man. The various clinical methods and applications that were used to treat a patient, depended on the healer’s own personal internal cultivation and understanding of energetic and spiritual principles. When treating a patient, Medical Qigong Therapy traditionally uses five major clinical modalities: Distance Qi Emission Therapy, Self-Regulation Homework Prescriptions, Medical Qigong Massage Therapy, Healing Sound Therapy, and Invisible Needle Therapy.

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