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New Classes

New Classes!

NEW 2023!

Welcome to the official website of the Temple of Celestial Fire (Tian Huo Gong), located in Salinas California. The Temple of Celestial Fire is a teaching institute, founded by Senior Abbot, Doctor William Welch Jr. in 2008, and is a Diocese of the Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain) Daoist Monastery located in Jiangxi Province, China.

This special Daoist Temple is a sanctum for devotees of Chinese Energetic Medicine (Medical Qigong Therapy), Daoist Internal Martial Arts instruction, and the study of Esoteric Daoist Mysticism and Shamanism.

The secret wisdom and esoteric experiences gained from training Daoist Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Mysticism is deep and profound. The radiant illuminations of their most subtle meanings are beyond words - and can only be grasped through direct experience.

According to the ancient Daoist teaching of the Huangdi Yinfu Jing, “The Canopy of space and time is in your hands; which allows 10,000 transformations to arise from within your body.”

In understanding this, we at the Temple of Celestial Fire are currently offering to the public a unique opportunity to study and practice these ancient Daoist teachings and training. The special courses currently taught through the Temple of Celestial Fire include:

•  Classes in Daoist Internal Martial Arts (including Taijiquan, Taijichih, and Baguazhang)

•  Classes in Daoist Energetic Medicine (including Medical Qigong Therapy and Daoist Mineral, Plant, and Animal Magic, Planetary Elixirs, as well as Magical Talisman construction)

•  Classes in Daoist Folk Magic, Esoteric Daoist Alchemy, Feng Shui training, Mystical Astrology, as well as Classical Daoist Religious practices.

Seven Stages of Advancement

All Daoist martial, medical, and magic classes follow a special “seven star” system of enlightenment training, described as follows:

“Xuesheng” (Student): Someone who is seeking direction and is studying the basic introduction training.

“Daoyou” (“Friend of the Dao”): Someone who has chosen the path and is currently receiving and practicing the traditional training.

“Dizi” (“Disciple”): Someone who has taken a “vow of dedication and obligation,” has received their Daoist Lineage Name, and has become accepted as an apprentice candidate under a qualified teacher. (Yellow Paper)

“Tudi” (“Apprentice”): Someone who has taken the second oath (the “vow of dedication and commitment”), and has formally become initiated as an apprentice, devoted to the study, teaching, and internal mastery of the art.

“Daoshi” (“Daoist Priest”) or Shifu (“Master Teacher”): Someone who can demonstrate the embodiment and mastery of the work. (1st Lu)

“Daozhang” (“Head of the Dao” or “Abbot”): Someone who oversees the teaching of the Daoshi or Shifu. (2nd Lu)

“Zhuchi” (“Senior Abbot”): Someone who oversees the teaching of the Daozhang.




MAO SHAN LU (2009)

As an ancient approach of healing the body, mind, and spirit – these classes are specifically designed for awakening and training one’s hidden energetic potential.

The classes will begin online March 2, 2023 – and continue every Thursday night from 6:00-8:00p.m.; the cost is only $200.00 a month.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by the temple once all subject content has been concluded, and the practitioner has passed the final test.

Please be aware that these classes are designed to bring about great shifts in spiritual consciousness, as well as awaken a deeper physical, mental, and emotional healing state of awareness – all of which was traditionally used in ancient China in order to positively change and transform a person’s state of being.

With this new approach we are expanding the knowledge base previously offered to the public– and are boldly including more mystical approaches to Daoist energetic healing, alchemy and spiritual transformation to ensure that each student has access to Daoism as a complete system.

As of 2020, Professor Johnson officially announced to the public that one of his senior disciples Dr. William Welch Jr., a master of Daoist Wudang Internal Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Yiquan, and Taijichih), Chinese Energetic Medicine (Medical Qigong Therapy), and Zhengyi Daoist mysticism, is the Bian Hua Gong (Temple of Change and Transformation) Daoist School’s formal representative in Daoist mystical studies. This year (March 2, 2023), Doctor Welch will be teaching an online course focused on studying esoteric Daoist Shamanism.

All those interested in attending these fascinating internet Web classes, please contact Dr. Welch at the following Web page (https://temple-of-the-celestial-fire.mykajabi.com) or his personal email at:drwilliamwelchjr@gmail.com

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