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Prayer and Transformation

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Prayer and Transformation

There are many forms of prayer, and although the word prayer is usually used to describe states of worship in regards to religion, there are actually two defining categories in which it applies. There is prayer as it applies to energetic work and there is prayer in the form of worship. The difference being that when used in the cultivation of energy, the person focus' on gathering energy to initiate the alchemical process with the goal of being able to reach higher levels of awareness so that they can have a spiritual experience with the nature of the universe or specific Dieties that exist in that realm.

When prayer is used in terms of worship the person's focus is on having a relationship with and interacting with the Creator and trusting in his guidance for their destiny. The ability to come to know this Higher Power and develop an intimate relationship with him is essential to achieving any forward progression on a spiritual path. The mind must be free of distractions and all thoughts must be removed in order to focus the intention on the intended goal.  

Praying with the focus and goal of that being to cultivate energy in order to cause a transformative effect to take place within the body, results in the body becoming saturated by the gathering and storage of energy, thereby causing that energy to overflow into each energy center. This accumulation of energy is the activating force in the transformation process, and is used to open energetic portals and centers of awareness in the conscious and sub-conscious mind that allows you to pierce the veil of reality into the spiritual realm, which allows you to separate time and space so that you're able to find the "Still Point" that exists between Here and There, In and Out, This and That, the place where Yin transitions to Yang.

There is an "Energetic" approach to Spiritual Transformation and there is Spiritual Transformation through "Service". The Energetic approach focus' on the gathering of energy to be used in the alchemical process of transforming the Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). The approach of Service focus' on the purification of one's self by examining your own personal code of conduct and strengthening and refining the internal virtues, and then applying these principles through righteous deeds and actions. The process of doing this brings you into a fused union with one's Higher Power.

The Energetic Transformational Process
The process of cultivating and storing energy is much like a forest fire, it begins with the ignition of something hot like a spark or flame that comes into contact with something flammable, the spark represents teachings that give us hope of being something greater than we are which ignites in us the burning desire to achieve a higher state of being for ourselves, that combines to create the fire and that fire is fanned through our focused intention and continues to grow hotter as it spreads and digests everything in its path as we feed it food from our acquired ego.

It soon grows into a raging uncontrollable inferno as it seeks out more sustenance to sustain itself, so it travels upward to higher ground and begins to feed off of the emotional turmoil that we have experienced in our lives, this represents the transition from what is simple and mundane to the more complex emotional components that cripple our forward momentum as we hide behind past wounding and become stagnant in our growth, at this point the fire is so hot that it fuses and melts metal and rock as it continues up to the mountain top. It is at this point that the pressure we put ourselves under to succeed and overcome, and the fire of our will begin to dissolve all of the obstacles that we came to believe were immovable.

As the fire reaches the top of the mountain the flames can no longer be sustained by the burning of material substances obtained from the earth, this represents the releasing and letting go of the past lower state to embrace a new higher state, this is the beginning of transformation, so the heat rises and the smoke from all that was consumed rises into the heavens and is transformed through the openness of space and returned from the heavens through the rainfall back onto the earth where it is absorbed and recycled as nourishment for new growth and new opportunities to become something greater.

The Spiritual Transformational Process
To achieve a True Spiritual Transformation requires one to abandon the quest for power and special abilities and to be more concerned with the welfare of others even before one's self. It is a process of self sacrifice, it requires you to do the right thing for the right reason. It is unconcerned with being right, but desires only to do the right thing because it is beneficial for others, it is not self serving but being a servant to all. This is True Spiritual Transformation.

This objective can only be met by removing one's self from the enslavement of the vanity and choosing to be a vehicle for a higher Divine purpose. The pursuit of this path is about surrendering your will to a will that is greater than your own, "Make my will, Thy will". In all religious traditions the aim is to place one's self in alignment with Divine will while seeking to be congruent with Divine thought in all you say and do. This can only happen if you extricate yourself of the things which keep you attached to the vanity, the vanity being all the things that are self serving, the lust for power and money, feelings of needing to be special, feelings of entitlement, and the need to control others.

Surrendering spiritually is defined as "giving up to the ideal of who and what you think you are, and letting go of what you believe would be best for you or for others, and understanding that you are just a grain of sand in the desert, or a drop of water in the ocean, and releasing all attachments to that with humility".

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