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The following are prayers for the times when we seem to lack the words or ability to express ourself to the Divine, when we are in desperate need of understanding and we are orchestrating from a place of hurt, fear, lonliness, pain, suffering, or anger. Even though the Divine knows all that is happening with us, sometimes acknowledging through confession of the mouth that which we carry in our hearts, is necessary to begin to manifest the healing that we need to overcome.

In Christian scripture it says, "And God said, "Let there be light; and there was light", since all of creation is made up of vibration whether high or low in energetic nature and frequency, the vibration that is sent forth from the voice causes a reaction in the realm of matter, energy, and spirit.

Begin by first establishing a quiet and sacred space where you won't be interrupted or disturbed. Next, you can kneel down on your knees or assume a comfortable sitting position that you can spend some time in, something that allows your back and spine to be straight with your head suspended as if held by a string. Place your hands in your lap with the right hand resting inside the left with thumbs touching, or rest each palm on the knees or thigh.

Let go of distracting thoughts, clear your mind and focus on the purpose of this prayer. Imagine and feel how each word makes you feel in your body, heart and mind. Be open and sincere in what you are asking, speak from your heart. Once you have spoken the prayer then sit in quiescence and begin to listen with the body, heart, and mind. Be totally open to whatever you are feeling and sensing, do not engage the mind, listen and be open to everything.

After listening for an answer, whether or not you get an answer then or if you get an answer that you don't care for, always receive it in gratitude. If you don't receive an answer during this prayer and meditation time doesn't mean that you are not going to get one.  Be patient, consistent in your prayers, and open at all times and you will receive an answer according to how you are able to hear and when you are ready to listen.

In all things maintain a sense of Gratitude.


I don't know if I believe in a God but I have always felt that there is something else to this life and that I have a higher purpose.


I don't know if you can hear me or even if you exist,
But I have always felt in my heart that there is more to my life.
I want to believe in something, but I really don't know what,
So if you do exist, please reveal yourself to me so that I can believe.
Help me to find my purpose and to know the truth,
Please don't allow me to go through this life blind.


I don't know what I am suppose to be doing with my life.


Father God, I don't know what I am suppose to be doing with my life,
Everything that I've tried has failed to get me where I want to be.
I now realize that I can't do this without you, I never could,
I need your direction and your guidance.
I understand that you know my future and all that it holds,
I ask that you reveal to me what you would have me to do,
So that I might become all that you would have me to be.
Make thy will, My will.


I prayed for something and I haven't received an answer yet.


Heavenly Father, I have been praying for an answer and,
I have not yet received word from you.
I know that you are perfect and in you I find no fault,
So the fault must be mine.
Allow me to see the answer that you put before my eyes,
Allow me to hear your words in my ears.
Speak to my heart in a way that you know I'll understand,
Forgive me for being distracted and not recognizing your voice.

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