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Spiritual Studies


True Spirituality reflects your own personal relationship with the "Divine" and is not dismissive of others who choose to worship in a way that is different from the path that you choose for yourself. It is respecting others who are embarking on the same journey that you yourself are on, trying to discover that which is true, what is real, and how that applies to each of us in our own lives.

We all live and die spiritually as we travel the road to self awareness, there must be a death of the "ego" and "vanity", a shedding of the masks that we hide behind and a parting of the veil that covers the light of our true selves, only by ridding yourself of who you believe yourself to be can you ever become who you truly are.  This is the barometer by which we measure our progress, it is the nature of the work.

"When I let go of
what I am,
I become
what I might be".

-Lao Tzu

Although there are many roads that can be traveled revealing themselves in the form of religion, Spirituality is not religion.  Religion is divisive and separates people into different factions and groups, spirituality is all-inclusive embracing mankind as a whole instead of a particular segment of the population.  Whether a person chooses to believe or not believe in a higher power, a religious persons might ostracize them because of their disbelief and label them a Pagan, a Spiritual Person would simply say that they are not yet awake to the truth and would accept them as they are, for who they are, and for where they are on their spiritual journey, because we are all on a spiritual journey whether we are awake to that fact or not.

Choosing to be Religious does provide in helping a person to lay the foundation of their belief system and gives support to those in need of guidance and teaching in order to aid them in their spiritual development.  Religion is a system of belief to be used in the process of spiritual refinement.  The whole goal of any religious path is suppose to be the removal of all things that separate us and hinder us from "Being One" with the "Divine".

This is not speaking from what religion has become today but from the position of what the founding fathers of each religious system truly meant the teaching to be before it became bogged down in Dogma and interpretation created from the vanity of man.  It was intended to be the transmission of a way of living in which to attain a higher level of "Being" in order to achieve a state of Spiritual Enlightenment, and given to the world by those who themselves had attained this state.

The idea was to be living examples and teachers of a path that could be obtained by all, all that was necessary, was for each person to follow in the footsteps of those who had already walked the path.

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