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Taijiquan Training

Martial Arts


1. Taijiquan Warm-up Exercises:
(A) Reeling the Silk Band-Heating Warm-up
(B) Yang Personal Family Warm-up

2. Yang Family Taijiquan Forms and Combat Applications
(A) Yang Family 36 Short Form
(B) Yang Family Fast Set
(C) Yang Family 2-Man Fighting Set

3. Chen Family Taijiquan Forms and Combat Applications
(A) Chen Family 48 Short Form
(B) Chen Family 24 Short Form
(C) Chen Family Elbow Set
(D) Chen Family Spear Set

Finding A Qualified Instructor

4. Taiji Eight Energetic Powers
(A) Qian (Heaven) Trigram – Ward-Off
(B) Kan (Water) Trigram – Press
(C) Kun (Earth) Trigram – Roll Back
(D) Li (Fire) Trigram – Push
(E) Dui (Lake) Trigram – Elbow
(F) Xun (Wind) Trigram – Pull Down
(G) Gen (Mountain) Trigram – Shoulder Strike
(H) Zhen (Thunder) Trigram – Split

5. Taiji Push-Hands Training
(A) Four Corner Stepping
(B) 13 Two-Man Fighting Drills
(C) Sticking and Trapping Hands and Feet

6. Eight Immortal Bagua Sword and Combat Applications
(A) Two-Man Sword Combat Sets
(B) Free-Style Sword Fighting

7. Traumautology
(A) Sprains and Dislocations
(B) Cupping and Moxa
(C) Bone Setting
(D) Herbal Therapy
(E) Tuina
(F) “Barefoot Doctor” Trauma Medicine

8. Sixty-Four Secret Neigong Training
(A) Sixteen Internal Principles
(B) Forty Internal Functions
(C) Eight Metaphysical Boxing Applications

9. Martial Qigong
(A) Ming Jing Training (Bones, Muscles, Internal Structure)
(B) An Jing Training (Tendons, Ligaments, Inner Fascia)
(C) Hua Jing Training (Mind, Energy, Spirit)
(D) Golden Bell Covering
(E) Inner Fascia Training (Penis Gong)
(F) Internal Body Packing
(G) Test of Sound (Heng – Ha- Hai)
(H) Test of Power (Fa-Jing, Fa-Qi, Fa-Shen)

10. Taiji Combat Training and Fighting
(A) Seven Star Striking (Hand, Fist, Elbow, Shoulder, Head, Hip, Knee, & Foot)
(B) Seven Star Locking (Fingers, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck, Knee, & Ankle)
(C) Throwing
(D) Kicking
(E) Choking
(F) Point Paralyzing

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