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The Forgiveness Prayer

Spiritual Studies > Restoring Spiritual Balance

The Forgiveness Prayer

Sacred Ceremony to Forgive, Release, & Revoke

1. The Preparation: First, purify yourself, then go to the Altar Room, light the two red candles, and offer 3 incense sticks as a token of your respect. Then pray and connect your spirit with the Divine, and choose to serve, for the highest good.

2. The Consecration and Sanctification of the Altar Space: Next, say the following incantation, to invoke the celestial presence responsible for overseeing the spiritual transformation process. The Dedication is specifically addressed to your “Highest Power” (the spiritual lineage you are currently serving).

“Heavenly Father,
I thank you for your blessings and the chance to be of Service to you.
I Thank you for the opportunity to be a living example of your word.
To not just read it, or speak it, but to embody it.
To be a representative in the work, as I strive to become
all that you would have me to be.

I ask now that you guide me and protect me as I
dedicate this healing ceremony to you , and to those who
I have offended.  That I may take responsibility for my actions
and resolve any ill feelings between us".

3. The Announcement and Dedication: Sometimes two chairs are positioned facing each other, inside the sacred circle. The disciple will sit in one chair, and the summoned spirit is placed in the other chair. Next, say the following “Announcement of Intent,” describing the specific purpose of this sacred ceremony:

I ask that this healing work be done today
between myself and ___________,
and I ask that our Guardians
Now escort his (her) spirit
into this sacred healing space.

And allow our spirits to participate
in this sacred healing ritual;
dedicated to forgiving, releasing, and revoking
all wrongful actions of our past.”

4. The Act of Contrition: Repeat the following:

I pray that all who are responsible
for our Spiritual Evolution,
Both in Heaven and on Earth,
Forgive us for what was said and done.

“I forgive You -
I forgive Myself -
and I forgive what happened!”

5. The Statement of Release and Transformation: Next, say the following affirmation, and ask for the assistance of a Celestial Guardian to come and sever any and all energetic cords that are still attached and connected to the energy of your Three Bodies, the individual, and the “old story:”

“Heavenly Father I ask that you,
Send a Guardian with the flaming
"Sword of Truth" and that it be lifted up
to Strike like Lightning!

(As you say this imagine and feel the sword rising and
see it falling and slicing through all energetic cords
as you literally feel the lightning strike).

Completely severing, disconnecting,
and removing any and all
spiritual and energetic attachments
in all realms of existence!”

Now, with your right hand, snap your fingers, form a “Sword Finger” Hand Seal, and immediately make a cutting gesture from the left side of your head, downward.
As you perform the following incantation, pause, and imagine their energy being lifted from your body, ascending towards the Divine, being purified, and then returned back into their body.
Then, imagine your energy being lifted from their body, ascending towards the Divine, being purified and returned back into your body. The transforming incantation is repeated as follows:

Dear God,
I ask today that all attachments between ___________ and myself
be removed and that the energy we used to sow conflict be
used in healing. I ask that the light of love be restored in their
life and that you forgive me for my part in overshadowing
that light instead of fanning it to grow even brighter.
I release them from any vows they made that would hinder
them from having a closer walk with you and pray that
they will always be blessed.  It is not my intention to
hinder their growth but to lift them up always in all that they do.  To
offer words that would encourage rather than discourage.  If I failed
to do this, then I am truly sorry and I ask for your forgiveness
as well theirs.

6. The Statement of Closure: After again using the Right Hand Sword Fingers Hand Seal to sweep in front of you to cut the energetic cords that have been attached between you and the individual, repeat the following “Statement of Closure” in a strong, serious voice:

May all removed – that was dark and blight,
Be now replaced – with love and light.
May anger, hurt – and pain revealed,
From this day forward – be now healed.

May the Spirit – of the most Divine,
Protect and keep you – throughout time,
Wrap and seal you – in his Grace,
Be now held – is his Embrace.

By the power – of the Most Divine,
By the Guardians – of all space and time,
By the power of – the Purest Three,
All is resolved--So let it be!

(Use your right hand Sword Finger Hand Seal and make a Cutting gesture from your head to the floor)…
Now relax your breath, and allow the light of the Divine to settle throughout your Three Bodies, releasing and transforming any energy resonating within your Physical Body, Energy Body, and Spirit Body.
• Once you feel a Divine Peace reside within your heart, ask the Celestial Guardians to escort the individual’s spirit back into their body.

7. Returning the Spirit: In order to end this part of the ceremony, it is important to thank the Guardians and return the individual’s spirit back into their body. Therefore, repeat the following “Returning Incantation,” spoken as follows:

The Spirit's healed, there's no more pain,
I return it now from whence it came.
All differences are now resolved,
Our Spirit walk has now evolved.

My wish for you is peace and love,
May you be blessed from up above.
I wish you strength and honor too,
That you're fulfilled in all you do.

• Then, thank the celestial helpers, and proceed to summon the next individual on your list of names, and repeat procedures 3 through 6.
• After completing several names, when you desire to end the ceremony, proceed as follows:

8. Ending the Ceremony: In order to end the ritual, say the following “Closing Incantation,” spoken as follows:

Heavenly Father,
I am truly grateful for the chance to make amends
for my actions.  I am grateful for the help of those that you sent
to help me on my path, who helped to teach and guide me and support
me.  I am grateful that you saw more in me than I saw in myself and
chose to use me in this work.

I pray now that you continue to use me and refine me for your purpose,
and that I might always be a blessing and an example of your
light to others around me.
Continue to guide the lives of those who I resolved and released, I know
that they are in good hands.  
I give you the Glory and Honor,
Amen! Amen! Amen!

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