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The Temple

Tian Huo Gong
Temple of the Celestial Fire

At the Temple of the Celestial Fire we endeavor to give to those students who are looking to find meaning and purpose in their lives, the guidance and the tools that they will need to realize this goal and to empower them to uncover their own hidden potential. It is not our intention nor is it our mission to weigh down the student with religious dogma or fundamentalism, but instead, to free them from the unconscious influence of the "Cultural Trance" and to lead them to a more conscious state of awareness.

The teachings offered here are expressed through the study and path of Daoist alchemy and in no way imply a singular way of thinking or development, but are the result and input of a variety of spiritual traditions. Our goal is not to convert you to another form of religion, but to enlighten you to another state of "Being" that will enhance your relationship with your higher power. Daoist alchemy is not the study of a specific religion, but the study of "Spiritual Truth".

It is with this mindset that we present the teachings, developmental exercises, and meditations, that are designed to illicit a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation within each student who chooses to embark upon this path. All people, of every religion, race, creed or color and belief can benefit from Daoist Alchemy, but, Daoist Alchemy is not for everyone. Because of attachments to past patterns, some people are unable to separate themselves from belief structures that have been engrained in them and are unwilling to be open to the realm of possibilities, or they lack the strength to challenge the truth in what they have been taught.

We strive not to be religious minded. but to be spiritual minded. A religious person harbors the belief that, the scriptures of his belief are the only true words of redemption, and that their way is the only true way to salvation and anyone not sharing in this ideology is in conflict with their teachings, and therefore is in opposition to the will of God. A spiritual person understands that "All good is of God" regardless of who is doing the work and that the road to getting closer to the "Source" is found not in the rejection of others for their differences but in the acceptance and gathering together of all because of their differences. There are many parts, and together they all make up the body, no one part is more important than the others it just serves a different function and purpose.

Internal Martial Arts, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Mysticism were traditionally always taught together, they were never meant to be taught separately but as a complete system, the three are intertwined. Embarking on the journey of learning one will eventually lead you to the others. Energy is energy and can be applied to any matrix, whether it is used in martial application for protection, or medical application for healing, or in spiritual application for your spiritual evolution, it will assist you in the transformation of your Jing (Essence), Qi (Energy) and Shen (Spirit). What is of vital importance is each persons "Moral Center", it is this "Code of Conduct" that you will bring into whichever road you choose to travel upon and will be the determining factor in your progress towards the light of the "Divine".

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